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Netflix TV Shows


Skip season 1 and head straight to season 2. If you're one of those folks that likes the bad news last and the good news first, then watch in reverse as Blackadder improves dramatically with each season, culminating in a masterpiece final season. A must watch.


One of the finest US thrillers ever made, starring the ever consistent Kiefer Sutherland in the starring role. Centered around the work of the Los Angeles counter terrorist unit, 24 offers a number of highly addictive series, all dripping with action and suspense.

Lie To Me

Lie To Me offers a glimpse into the work of the "Lie expert" Cal Lightman. With similarities to The Mentalist, Lie to me follows the work of Dr Lightman as he investigates crimes and deception through analysis of body language and the detection of lies through science. A thoroughly enjoyable crime show with a twist, although some of the supporting actors may begin to grate in later seasons.


The UK comedy that sparked the beginnings of Andrew Lincolns's career, later to become the star of the hit US series The Walking Dead. Teachers gives a glimpse into the life and work of a small band of UK teachers working in a traditional secondary school. An engaging and humorous comedy that is certainly worth a watch.

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