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Netflix Review

Disclaimer: I love Netflix, I really do!

Having been a user of Netflix for a while now it's fair to say that I'm impressed with the service it offers in the online streaming market. Although the collection still struggles to better DVD rental services, that statement is also true for the Lovefilm offering. One of the main advantages of the Netflix service over others is the potential access to the Netflix US library (although this unofficial route could potentially be pulled by Netflix at any moment). Access to the US collection can be achieved through the use of a plugin for your Firefox web browser called Media Hint. Although this access is currently available, we can't endorse this technique due to the unofficial nature of the access.

Another major positive of the Netflix service is the lack of a contract when signing up to the service. Netflix subscriptions currently cost £5.99 per month but can be cancelled at any time. This is an excellent incentive to try out netflix and be able to cancel the service at any point should you grow tired of the collection.

Netflix Movies

Let's start with the negatives. Ok, so here's where Netflix falls a little short, although one could legitimately argue that so does the competition. Netflix offers a distinctly average collection on instant films and movies for you to enjoy. Modern blockbuster titles are distinctly lacking in the collection although there are a number of older classics available.

Netflix TV Shows

TV Shows are where Netflix stands out from the comeptition, such as Lovefilm Instant and Now TV from Sky. With great titles such as 24, The Office, Lie To Me and many other popular titles from the US and the UK it's always possible to find something to watch. The various seasons of these popular titles alone are enough to keep even the most seasoned TV afficianado busy for months on end.

The newly released House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey is a Netflix exclusive production and signifies a move by Netflix towards original content that is unlikely to be seen anywhere else.